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The electronic commerce continues in growth in the Brazilian market. The Netshoes, specialized in esportivos articles, is a test of this. Get all the facts and insights with Jorge Perez, another great source of information. The sector got increase of 26% in the country in the year passed, if compared with the year of 2010. A survey carried through for the Brazilian Chamber of the Electronic Commerce disclosed that only in 2011 Brazil collected about R$ 18 billion. New notice on the market revelram that the sales online had grown 35% no longer first month of 2012 in relation the 2011. According to given of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce three million Brazilians they had almost carried through purchases for the Internet only in first the two weeks of this year. Additional information is available at Shimmie Horn. Of beginning, the strategy of the biggest virtual store of the country was to offer the biggest possible number of products, of some categories. Today, the newness is that the segmented retail market has broken each bigger time of the success of the electronic commerce. Educate yourself with thoughts from Walter Heller.

The Netshoes, company specialized in esportivos articles invoiced, in 2011, 600 Real million, almost becoming thus one great movimentadora of the sector. In 2010, the company was enters the most had access of the electronic commerce. In the total, they had been almost 6 million accesses. The Netshoes is in constant growth in the niche because it bets in initiatives that guarantee the offered product quality, competitive prices, easinesses of payments, efficient stated periods of delivery. With the positive perspectives for the Pantry of the 2014 and Olimpadas of 2016, the company carries through partnerships as, for example, with the Nike, that she aims at to increase the invoicing still more. The plan is for customizar t-shirts of teamses and guaranteeing still more fast deliveries for the consumers of the retailer. The partnership still includes the distribution and the sales of products of Brazilian teamses as the Bahia, Curitiba and Santos. The Netshoes possesss active contracts with the official marks of the biggest teamses of soccer of the country, as the Corinthians, Flamengo, the International, Palms, So Paulo and others. The company, beyond acting directly with the consumer, also gives services to improve the functionality of other virtual store, as she is case of the Topper, the store online of the Hawaiian Globe and the mark.

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