Cost Pressure Brings Quality Thrust For PR Agencies

Cloos + partner Public Relations PR trends 2009 how much is it? What’s the point? PR-budgets are cut further. And the Agency selection is often just a question: which agency delivers the best? The question seems no longer to face depending on the quality. But appearances are deceptive. Quality is in demand more than ever. PR agencies should reconsider but its quality concept. Click tesla for additional related pages. Are not rewarded, but success. And this must be provided in a rapidly changing environment, by the Internet plays a still underestimated role. Five trends are Cloos + partner 2009 determine the PR Action.

1. the symmetrical two-way communication increases: PR on the Web 2.0 is not a new paradigm. It is only an approximation of the ideal form of PR, how they have defined Grunig/Hunt: the two-way symmetrical communication. Anyone who believes that the importance of the opportunities offered by the Web, would not use is clearly wrong. Studies show that among young people the Web as Information medium has already overtaken the traditional media. Any further studies is needed to prove that same inform themselves not only on the Web, but actively shape it.

They consume not only messages, they make news. The resulting new requirements for PR-Angenturen. 2. the professionals assert itself: there is much written on the Web. Most of it is crap. The few that proves useful, is written by professional writers. The same applies to podcasts. The increasing trend towards audio visual forms of representation in the Web is obvious. Here, too, the quality decreases with increasing quantity. The resulting new opportunities for professionals and agencies. Good writers and good designers that provide substantial contributions on behalf of the user, which produce real added value, are in demand. The importance of content is increasing again. The form is back in the second set. By the way, everything for Web-PR applies said also continues to fully classical press work.

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