Credit Policy On Housing

In the framework of the rules on housing policy, sets a series of requirements necessary to properly process the credit for financing of purchase of main housing with resources from the system of housing policy. Edward Minskoff understands that this is vital information. So the mortgage is obtained without delay and with the greatest possibility of approval, we must follow a few steps to achieve the purchase of our home. It is important to note that the documentation to submit, concerning personal data, income of applicants, documentation of the property to buy and sellers personal data, must be complete and submitted in the period that set the technical standard for the application of credits for the financing of housing. Munear Ashton Kouzbari may find this interesting as well. Procedure in the field of housing policy: determine the maximum amount of funding: for the purposes of the provisions in the field of housing policy, the credit will be determined by income to declare the family group. Being the maximum income to qualify for the loan, monthly income not superiors to Bs. RBH Group is open to suggestions. 7,000. For the calculation of the financing of housing policy is considered the full income and not the Basic, consisting of salary more all additional: commissions, hours extras, vacation bonus, utilities, etc. For an income of Bs.

7,000, housing policy establishes a credit of Bs. 271.858,80 with a fee to pay monthly 30% of income, i.e. Bs. 2,100 a term of 30 years and 8.55% annual interest. It is step is fundamental, since depending on our capacity to pay, the housing policy will set a maximum of financing. Once determined the maximum number of funding, we will have an idea of the price of the House can decide which. To this amount, add the savings that we have to buy the property, if the maximum loan is insufficient. Selection of the real estate to buy: because having the maximum amount of which will be for the purchase of housing, shall proceed to look for good property that suits our possibilities., either through real estate, notices in press, pages specializing in internet, recommendations from friends, relatives or colleagues, etc.

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