Fortune Tellers

The Soothsayer Arco-IRIS-man and the psychic ISIS reinforce the Astro star team of consultants that life consultant Portal Astro star, which specializes in personal and loving advice through Tarot, divination and clairvoyance, is pleased to announce that his team was recently extended to two seasoned consultants. The experienced shaman and life consultant Arco-IRIS-man is the first new growth. Before Arco-IRIS-man as a self-employed life coach and consultant was engaged and his own fortunetelling opened practice, he lived for two years in North America, where it was introduced by the Indian natives in the shamanic arts of energy and healing work. Since returning to Europe works Arco-IRIS-man energy techniques and NLP and coaching methods and techniques to support its callers seeking advice in every situation (Alternatively he also works with the methods of the channeling). His areas of expertise are primarily vocational orientation, relationship and partnership, prosperity and the improvement of general living conditions.

Arco-IRIS-man can be found exclusively on ASTRO star and will be available soon for about 20 hours per week. The life consultant for ISIS is the second newcomer. ISIS, which specializes in clairvoyance, especially large emphasis on mutual trust and honesty has been working for decades as a spiritual and holistic life consultant and relies on a variety of esoteric methods to their callers in all walks of life to help and support. The individual discussions with ISIS involves mainly the liberation of self doubt and finding the right path of life. The advice of ISIS focus primarily family, partnership and finances. The only questions the ISIS unanswered are questions concerning the State of health of a person and should rather be directed to a doctor.

ISIS is available only on ASTRO star and can be reached from July for about 10 hours per week. The two consultants are both about a 0900 number as well as prepaid and debit access for callers from the countries of Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can be reached. If one of two advisors should be unavailable, registered users can have of course free to arrange a callback.

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