Pupil of FAAL FAAL – College of Administration and Arts of Limeira SUMMARY In Brazil with fond of the summer, also arrive rains. with them, floodings in the cities. The spite of the ambient problems and structure of the cities, one of the factors that provoke floodings is the excess of waterproofing of urban environments. The pluvial water does not have discovered local more in the ground for where it can arrive at the fretico sheet. With this, it is accumulated in the streets and it makes to overflow the rivers. To put if the houses, commerce and industries they stored the water of rain, this problem significantly would be diminished. A scarce natural resources in all the city, and available in abundance in our roof, makes ecological and financial direction to adopt not the wastefulness of the same. ABSTRACT In arrival Brazil with the of to summer, also the rains arrive.

And with them, flooding in cities. In environmental spite of problems and structure of cities, one of the factors that causes floods is the excess of waterproofing of urban environments. To stormwater doesn’ t have discovered lives sites in soil by where you can reach to water table. With this, accumulates in the streets and makes overflowing rivers. However if the houses, trades and industries you store rain to water, this problem would be significantly diminished. Scarce natural resource throughout the City, and available in abundance in our roof, it makes sense you adopt the ecological and financial not waste it.

INTRODUCTION Many people had not yet acquired knowledge themselves on the importance of conservation of the water. A change in this scene is occurring, in virtue of the biggest concern of the people with the quality of the water, which had to the increase of loads of pollution of the rivers. This will demand more expensive water treatments, stimulating the use of the pluvial water.

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