Basement Wall Sealed – Full Just From The Inside!

Cellar drainage the easy way! No external insulation necessary. First comes the shock: on the basement wall or even in the House, wet bodies have formed! The reason is usually a poor insulation. Consequences are increased heating costs, decreasing quality of living and dangerous mold. Continue to learn more with: Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. Especially the latter should not be underestimated, because while respiratory illnesses, allergies or skin irritation may occur. Quickly, a solution is needed.

The first opinion is obtained and the jaws drop. The answer is mostly a new basement insulation. This means that the cellar wall is dug up from the outside and then lavishly newly isolated. It costs very much or very much sweat (if one on the professional waived and does everything himself). However, there is also another way to create the problem in the world. So, for example the BetonSeal GmbH has developed a liquid (Deepdry), which seals the cellar from the inside. The whole thing sounds initially fairly unlikely. But only once did they to understand the principle, which is behind this, then the problem is no longer quite as bad looks with the damp basement.

Instead of sealing the basement wall from the outside, that works with Deepdry easily from the inside. Of course, that has the advantages that not the entire wall must be uncovered and that no insulation with drainage or similar must be carried out. It works as follows: the liquid is first injected with a pump on the basement wall. Previously, ensure however, that no moisture-repellent impregnation, paint or varnish was applied to the wall. The liquid consists of very small molecules which can retract this very well in the capillary system of the wall. Each Baustof, such as concrete, stone, etc. Despite its massive structure has still tiny air pockets inside. These microscopic air are usually the reason why a wet wall is created, because exactly inside the water settles and creates this moist places. Deepdry but penetrates into the building fabric and then hits the pockets of air or water. Then creates a chemical reaction, the result of which is a newly created tribal structure, which fills the tiny air points inside these cells. The result can be seen, because the wall is impermeable for water and sealed in its interior. It is so worth the consideration of whether the seal basement wall from the outside is sinnvol, if an insulation from the inside is possible.

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