German Federation

Disputes between landlords and tenants is not uncommon in Germany and ends mostly in court. Whether there are additional costs, cosmetic repairs or housing defects hardly matters over which the two parties still not fought, know the home experts at (tdx) Most popular subject of the Germans is the statement of operating costs and the question what are the costs to the tenant must be passed. Also, housing deficiencies and thus required a correction or rent reductions play a major role. The General contractual matters we can fight about almost as much as about cosmetic repairs. Disputes over deposit, rent increases, termination, modernization and change of ownership complete the list, tell the experts of the leading online magazine for builders, renovators, home gourmet and garden lovers and invoke a current statistics of the German Federation of tenants. Operating costs most frequent point of contention in high arrears, unclear Invoice item or an unjust distribution key: If the service charge settlement in the letterbox is the tenants, the trouble begins for many.

Often are billed the tenants, who would have to carry the landlord. So well worth a close look into the settlement. Here, maintenance or repair costs nor have their place, such as double-billed items. Another annoyance is the Division of costs between the individual tenants. In some cases, a distribution key is required, for example, for heating costs, which must be charged on consumption. This is depending on the technical possibilities for water use and waste disposal.

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