Germany and the Tourists

Germany and the tourists – this is a very well played with and complements a duo that passes the test of reliable customs, as time and history. Any veteran and fanned by winds of multiple countries traveler understand and did not expose it doubted that Germany is great – this is serious and for all. Well aware that to get to Germany is easy – just do not carry with them for public review and encouragement of German local experts – customs or weapon, or drugs, and to leave Germany, it is difficult, because the burden of pleasant emotions and wonderful experience – it is, brothers traveler, a very heavy burden under the burden of which barely move. What about the impressions themselves, then they start to any traveler before the start of his visit to the country as the main attractions of Germany are known to us all to school lessons of history and famous castles and the Bavarian Alps you can and do wander all his life, as well as the delightful city of Germany. Everything is ready, trouble behind, visa and passport back asleep in a safe place, a little be alarmed at the German border, which means that you are temporarily freed from the routine of his former life, because it was decided a good 'work' tourist. Of course, not just so, and Toko, and interest for the sake of forces sent you to the company.

Berlin – this may be so world-famous part of Germany that the very name of 'books of history, anchored in the rock' clung to him deservedly so. Berlin is about what to tell the world, and that do not lose this knowledge and experience bit by bit, the wisest Germans painstakingly become spread them on different shelves, and various departments of its museums, delicious German policy, etc. The scale of Germany's greatness can be safely argue, based on an impressive homage total historical museums – the Germans just across the Berlin over 130 pieces. Of course, to museums, we applied equally, and such historical values in Germany as Mausoleum and the wonderful Charlottenburg Palace, built exactly two hundred years ago William iii. If the museum you will seem boring, then you can visit the Opera House – though in the beginning, choose one of three available. Strange, why Berlin three opera houses. I wish you well get rolled up and watch Berlin!

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