In June

Energy-efficient residential real estate can be in foreseeable significantly cheaper rent itself, because prices for energy are growing faster than inflation. Private placements vs. qualify public fund for investors who want to not attempt to administer housing stock, private placements or public funds. Under the mutual funds, closed-end funds of interest House due to high start-up costs often legally not for foundations are useful because they pour out at the beginning of the capital and not from current income. Open interest House funds are often low income due to high ongoing fees. Private placements of residential real estate specialists become a serious alternative for this reason for many foundations. The Hamburg real estate 24 includes the private placement “Sustainable return fund North residential”.

The management of real estate 24 has with Hamburg-based residential real estate since 1998 continuously returns by 8 per cent will generate up to 11% p.a. (IRR). The current private placement investment? 19,000,000 in a portfolio of energetically optimal objects in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. The invest-rate amounted to 98.5 percent. The investment in energy improvements amounted to about 14% of the volume. It is funded only in euros and about long term 50%, repayment amounts to 1.5% per annum.

The ongoing payments are made quarterly amounting to about 5 per cent per annum and from ongoing revenues alone. The portfolio is valued quarterly. The minimum contribution is 200,000. The investors and fiduciary management is carried out by Rodl & partner. Investment decisions are made by an independent investment Committee. The rental income of the portfolio could be increased by 8% this year through active asset management. Passing rents were not increased. The payouts were in the aforementioned period 18% above plan. In June of this year the private placement, the A-received rating of Invest-report.

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