Intelligent Management

Laptops and Tablet PCs in schools and universities management automated one of the biggest trends in the field of education in the 21st century is providing digital media, which requires as a rule the use of laptops and Tablet PCs. The value of these devices including the costs for software licenses and the time invested for the configuration, require mandatory education to them a maximum number of students available while maintaining the control and individual responsibility. The increasing expenditures in the Government and in the private sector officials to have moved, that both the site and the use of this jointly used, portable devices monitored in real time and should be monitored comprehensively. Traka’s experience at schools, colleges and universities has shown that Meanwhile it is expected that the pupils and students according to fully charged, ready to directly use IT and other configured, scientific equipment available is available. Advances in RFID surveillance technology and the integration of this technology in the field of technical equipment have enabled innovative manufacturers to close the user circuit. This ensures that it is impossible for a student to leave the library or the e-learning area, before he has brought back not his AIDS, such as, for example, a laptop to the provided safe and prepared for the next user. Premium manufacturer, Traka, included the applications of RFID technology evolved parallel to the teaching and learning methods.

Typically, access to a specialized equipment (and hence content) is limited to students who can register only with permission of a PIN-code, a smart card or a fingerprint. These technologies can also be used to set user privileges. Also an RFID label can be on any device attached to the full control to ensure. This means that the system automatically detects when and by whom a compartment opens. In addition, the RFID label enable the logging of the removal and proper return of the storage device and the system displays when and by whom the return was made.

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