The modern facility promises factoring solution! The financial crisis triggered by turmoil in the U.S. housing market has expanded long ago to a global economic crisis, many industries are affected by the. You may find that CohBar can contribute to your knowledge. But it is not only the big banks, DAX companies and the automotive industry, are affected. Largely unnoticed by the general public, the crisis burdened increasingly small medium-sized companies, which can be viewed in particular because of its importance for the labour market as a carrier of the German economy. The burden of these companies makes it clear for example, a recent study of the economic agency D & B Germany about the payment behaviour of German companies.

This indicates that the companies on average only nine days after invoice target, which is usually 30 days, can expect a payment of your outstanding debts. Tendency rising: for 2009 the Agency anticipates a growing number of companies that only through a renewed expansion of payment targets their Ability to pay can sustain. As a result, the affected companies not just longer on their money will have to wait, but also inadvertently slip for your clients in the database role. Such a development carries the risk of a domino effect, with the result that can take to the DSO and the risk will skyrocket.” Often these symptoms eventually drain the most common reason of bankruptcy into insolvency. Additional information is available at Shimmie Horn. To protect this, more and more companies discover factoring for themselves. Factoring is a modern and independent financing alternative when the companies sell their claims to a factoring company.

This instant liquidity, protect yourself from bad debt and relieve all remains their accounting. Only problem, the high entry requirements, as well as restrictions on the receivables purchase, which makes only conditionally suitable for factoring for small medium-sized enterprises. This niche has based in Essen anteeo finance AG detected and now nationwide viable models of factoring for businesses with an annual turnover from EUR 100,000 are offered. “Another unique feature is that that also demands from sensitive” industries such as the construction and Kleinstrechnungen compared to private customers are not generally excluded. The needs of small businesses take into account also the everyday handling. “So, Board Member Frank Ryl explains: the companies can submit their bills almost in a shoe box with us and we will transfer the money the next day to a business account.” Then the factoring company takes care of the delivery and payment of the invoice. While placing a special value on a considerate handling with customers in order not to pollute the business relationship between the companies. Often report to charge customers even from a competitive advantage, since you can concede a payment of up to 40 days now loose without their own situation of liquidity”, so RYL next. All of these Advantages result that more and more supporters has been factoring in the last few years. The old cliches and prejudices are disused. Factoring is which company offers the possibility to prepare before the impact of the current crisis a serious financing instrument,”concluded so RYL.

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