Modern Digital Systems Dispatch Radiosvya

Digital radio technology is no longer a novelty in Russia for many years actively promoted solutions standartovTETRA and P25, but these technologies are a "global solution", designed primarily for "Ministries", and because of its high cost of the reach of most organizations that need rapid communications. But technology develops, there are new solutions, and in November 2007, Motorola officially announced the start of sales in Russia range of digital radios MOTOTRBO, on which to build a radio network of any size. MOTOTRBO digital radio stations can add to the basic function of analog radios – voice calls, such new features as text messaging, caller identification coordinates with built-in GPS receiver, personal and group challenges and more. In addition, when using a digital transponder DR3000, a physical channel using TDMA technology is divided into two logical channels (2 time slot), which allows you to pass through a repeater in 2 times more conversations or data. To construct dispatching system based on digital radio MOTOTRBO not need to "break" the old system of radio – digital radio stations can operate in analog mode. You can gradually replace the outdated and out down analog radios with new digital radio stations MOTOTRBO, while continuing to operate in the analog channels before the complete replacement of the park radio. It must be borne in mind that only full transition to MOTOTRBO digital technology are available to all digital services. Originally MOTOTRBO digital radio stations provide fairly simple opportunities to build scalable systems, but as new versions of firmware software became available such technologies "IP Site Connect" and "Capacity Plus".

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