Digital TV

It is important to understand that diverse medias supports a depth of experience that motivates more consumption. The redundancy finishes with the interest it fan and provokes the failure of the surmounting. To offer to new levels of revelation and experience renews the surmounting and supports the allegiance of the consumer (JENKINS, H., 2008, P. 135). The convergence enters the televising way and the digital way is responsible for incorporating interactive standards to the Digital TV, making possible of this form to the receiver also to produce and to emit content. Thus, a digital media is constructed efficient and capable to generate beneficial social changes to the citizens. Montez and Becker (Adoryan.

apud Montez and Becker) classify the degree of interatividade in seven levels, being possible the full interatividade only in the last level. The interatividade is so great in this level, that already does not distinguish clearly the viewer and the transmitter (its functions pass to be confused) in the generation and the production from content. Only half which if can attribute level seven of interatividade currently is the Internet, therefore any individual has autonomy to publish a website, if to use the adequate tools. ‘ ‘ The viewer can make programs and send them it the sender, breaching the monopoly of production and propagation of the traditional nets of television as we know hoje’ ‘ (MONTEZ; BECKER apud ADORYAN, 2005). As consequence of this process of convergence in construction, the medias in development and the traditional ones if relate between itself, and the sender and receiver pass not to have plus its definite papers. That one that before was classified as mere receiver, today is nominated of user, whom had its possibility of if also becoming producing and veiculador of content. Although the development of the Digital TV still is in its first steps, especially in Brazil, this is a sufficiently promising way with respect to a horizontal dialogue between sender and user.

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