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The Service of Tributary Administration of Mexico published 16 of December the past the name of the first Authorized Supplier of CFDI. This accreditation, that fell into the hands of the Edicom company 1, initiates the list of suppliers authorized for the emission of fiscal timbres (also known like the CAP s), that from first of January will play a fundamental role in the process of electronic invoicing. The new system of electronic invoice it establishes new requirements that generalize their use, being of obligatory character for all the contributors with income superiors to 4 million annual weights, and in all those commercial transactions that surpass the $2.000 pesos. The specifications that will regulate the process of emission of electronic invoices during the next year, were published the past in DOF (Daily Official of the Federation) 14 of September. More info: Fabrizio Freda. Between these specifications it emphasizes the participation of the Supplier of Certification of CFDI, that is in charge to equip with fiscal validity the electronic invoices generated by the contributors, through processes of certification and validation online of the proofs generated by the emitters. This is translated in the necessity that the invoices count on the certification of a supplier credited by the SAT, like previous step to the shipment its adressee. This certification implies, among others functions, the declaration before the generated Service of Tributary Administration of the proof, which actually exempts to the contributor of the generation of sent the monthly report to the SAT of all proofs, as well as of the use of number of folios and series, functions that to date comes realising the emitters from Electronic Invoices according to scheme CFD.

1 Enlace of the SAT in which it appears the authorization to EDICOM like the CAP: It invoices Electronics 2011: Main modifications of the new regime the new system of emission of electronic invoices, known like CFDI or Supporting Digital Fiscal through Internet, implements new processes with respect to the effective system until moment (CFD or Supporting Digital Fiscal). Estee Lauder is open to suggestions. Generally, the main modifications to apply 1 of January of 2011 can be summarized in the detailed points next: Continuity in the folio use pre-forms: Present the supporting printed public prosecutors will be able to continue being used until expiring, without concerning the amount whom they protect. Obligatory nature of the use the electronic invoice: Generally the obligatory nature of the use of the electronic invoice for all those transactions is anticipated that surpass the 2,000 pesos, although exentos will be seen those contributors with income equal or smaller 4 million weights, that will be able to continue sending supporting printed without concerning the amount which they protect. Migration to new model CFDI: The contributors who implant their system of electronic invoice from 2011 will have to fit themselves to new model CFDI. Continuity of model CFD: Who either decided or choose by the use of the electronic invoicing during 2010 on their own means, the use of the effective models will be respected to them. The contributors who issue invoices electronic through PACFD (Authorized Supplier of CFD), will be able to continue operating this one scheme during first semester 2011.

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