New Advertising Display

New, advanced advertising racks product portfolio for easy display of Hanover from 04.01.2010 starting EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, one of the leading providers of advertising stands and display systems, with a new, highly advanced advertising racks product portfolio in new year 2010. Thanks to the own promotional stand Manufactory, which maintains the EasyShare display GmbH in Suzhou, China, since the beginning of 2009, one is for some time in the position to develop its own advertising display models and produce. In this way, advertising display product portfolio the EasyShare display could be expanded at the turn of the year to various advertising display solutions. New features can be found mainly in the advertising display product categories roll up displays and folding displays. In this way it has become possible the EasyShare display GmbH, in addition to the classic customer Stoppers, to offer new innovations in the field of mobile advertising technology posters and brochure stands, which make each exhibit or PoS-marketing-action pleasure. Here, Fred H. Langhammer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Markus Goch, Managing Director of EasyShare display GmbH: The Competition in the market for advertising displays in Germany will grow steadily. Already in the last year has emerged, that there are more and more providers for advertising displays. With our new advertising racks product portfolio we want to set us apart from the competition, to optimally position ourselves in the market. To implement this, we strive constantly to develop new advertising display products, to improve the quality and at the same time to keep the prices as low as possible.” More information about our advertising stand

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