Pedagogical Project

GEOGRAPHY FOOT IN the ROAD. Aessncia of the related project is in creating situations and possibilidadesde learnings, as much in the initial formation how much continued deprofessores/professorandos in Geography, presenting itself as elouniversidade/school of basic and average education, when aiming at ooferecimento of courses and pedagogical workshops, involving alunoslicenciandos and operating professors in dosnveis the public net of basic and average education, in a system of partnerships in the search deaprendizagens. It is observed that the active participation, enquantolicenciando and monitor of the project, as well as for the reflections> dadecorrentes, can generate new ideas the similar projects in outrasinstituies of superior education, not only in Brazil, but in level demundo. The project that was approved by the Pr-Reitoria of Extenso (PROEX) of the Federal University of the Espirito Santo (UFES) had as objective: ) to provide to the students of the Licenciatura de Geografia the espaostempos foreseen for development of the practical dimension of the course, as considered in the Pedagogical Project approved for desenvolvimentodo resume of its formation; b) to promote comdiferentes joints and partnerships segments of the UFES, eescolas City departments of Education for accomplishment of pedagogical projects in periods of training; c) to carry through the interchange of cognitiva production and demands of saberentre professors of the licenciatura, licenciandos, professors of escolase communities; d) intra to make possible pedagogical experiences to eextracurricular, demanding of critical reflection, with integration eprtica theory, in the area specific, to the licenciandos. Thus it intends-sesistematizar reflections concerning this project, in the vision of one licenciandoem geography and monitor of the same (EDER LIRA), searching to display as asatividades developed in the project are being used in lived deeply the monitorial scholarship holder, as well as half waving for the eperspectivas possibilities in the vision of some of the involved participants, coletadaspor of interviews and informal colloquies, in transcorrer programmed dasatividades.

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