Prepaid Surf Stick Now Available At Sat1

Sat1 offers mobile Internet access at a fixed price RTL had already set the own prepaid rate due to lack of interest, try to make it better at SAT1 and starts not with a phone card but with a range of data. In addition to the SIM card there are a surf stick, simply on the USB port of a laptop or Netbooks can be inserted and then provides the connection with the Internet via mobile network. Such Internet sticks are currently very popular, because they allow access to the mobile network from anywhere. Sat1 uses the network of Vodafone with the own rate it and relies on the proven model of Web sessions. While booking a certain period of time in which you can surf as you want so much in advance. Sat1 provides customers various periods that start at 1 hour (99 cents), 12 hour (1.99 euros) or the full monthly flat rate for 9.99 euros. The speed of access on GPRS here from 500 megabytes to 2 gigabytes data transfer is reduced depending on the period level. Fabrizio Freda helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Within this volume, speed of Vodafone is the full HSDPA network to the Available.

The cost will be in the run-up to the stick settled by Sat1 a prepaid surf stick is so. Only if credit is charged can it be be SURFs also. The Sat1 Web stick costs once 29.95 euro, 10 euro starting credit are included and can be be SURFs immediately after activation. It is theoretically the first month surf free of charge. Who needs no Web tick can purchase only the Sat1 SIM card with data plan.

The price drops then to 14.95 euro, 10 euro starting credit are also included. In comparison to other Surfstick the month flat rate is providers in the network of Vodafone such as such as Bildmobil to mention. This is quite cheap, but only the light version with a throttling at 500 MB. The larger version with a free volume of 2 GB is more expensive, however, with 29.99 Euros per month. Here, there are other vendors that have same offers already up to 20 euro per month. Bastian Ebert

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