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PSV online and FILMHAUS motion GMBH, units of psv marketing, on the 2nd suppliers exhibition engineering Sudwestfalen, SIEGEN. Advertising, many posters and ads thinking. With the Internet and modern technologies are new and some amazing opportunities available. But what is social networking and augmented reality? Answers there at the 2nd suppliers exhibition mechanical engineering South Westphalia in the Siegerlandhalle from 22 to 23 June 2010. In the social networks of the Internet like facebook, XING and co., information and opinions are exchanged daily. The technical term for this is social networking. Here new opportunities for marketing”, says of psv online Jorg Grote. We want to clarify at the fair which is the potential of the Internet and what everything is,”says Grote.

It is a partially smooth transition between Internet and digital film, Web TV and online video marketing. Amazing effects can use technologies how to create augmented reality are”, Thorsten boy, FILMHAUS motion GMBH, Managing Director. The augmented reality is best known from the expert analysis during the World Cup. Computer-generated information and virtual objects appear in real-world environments. How these technologies can be useful in the day-to-day sales work, we show the visitors’ boy explains. Answers to them, what’s behind and in the news, learn the visitors at the booth S-05 psv FILMHAUS and psv online, both units of the Agency marketing.

Contact: PSV MARKETING GMBH Jorg Grote North wall 36 57439 Attendorn T. 0 27 22.

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