Rent Apartments

Apartments for rent and a mini hotel for days in Novosibirsk is becoming increasingly popular. Today the main load of hotel stock, with high business activity, determine exactly flat, but not hotels. Target segment of visitors is very diverse. Based on market analysis market analysis queries and views can be displayed two components that characterize the housing stock in two ways: I. They like to daily rent, and why it is selected: 1.1. Price per stay.

The main advantage – price. Prices for hotel rooms in Novosibirsk are very high. This is due to the small number of hotels in the city. The cost of living in much more economical apartments, while the number of proposed housing apartments in more than 2-3 times. Moreover for longer stays in daily rent are offered substantial discounts. 1.2. Home furnishings. Guarantee your home, comfortable environment in which to relax and unwind after a long day in the city or busy day.

This state of calm, comfort and complete independence, which has never substitute for state bias hotel or hotel. 1.3. Location. A large number of trade-in tenancy can find an apartment as close to the place of work or time convenient place spending. With this particular location there is a saving in transport and travel time. 1.4. Kitchen. All the apartments as opposed to hotel rooms have a kitchen equipped with everything necessary for complete Living with the possibility of self-heat or cook food. The presence of this component in the apartment needs frees you from costly visits to cafes and restaurants. Makes it possible to conduct business meeting with the organization of a small buffet table or round table. 1.5. Home appliances and electrical equipment. The apartments are equipped with electrical equipment for a comfortable stay. Moreover modern housing is equipped with LCDs, computers, modern freezers, microwaves, washing machines and many others which never meet in hotel rooms. 1.6.Otsutstvie surcharges for additional seats. When inviting guests you do not need extra pay for extra space or to inform the administration about the presence of guests. Length of stay in the apartment determined by the guest. II. What I would like to Add to the list of services posutochnyh: 2.1. Ability to accommodate large and medium-sized groups in turn-based access to each other. 2.2. Organization procedures, breakfast and dinner in the apartment. 2.3. Special services are present in many hotels, such as a swimming pool, conference room, etc. 2.4. More frequent cleaning of the housing stock and change of bedding, according to hotel standards 1 per day. Dear guests, Novosibirsk, given the information Office accommodation specialists gives you the opportunity when choosing accommodation for short term use and our advice to determine what you like and what does not. We hope that with the ratio of price – money, you paid attention to the positive arguments that offered by Rent Apartments.

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