Rent Increase After Upgrading

Tenant support renovation renovation work usually high costs mean for the real estate owners. The landlord can however move a part of the costs to the tenant under certain conditions, because they also benefit from improvements. The real estate portal explains the regulations and the consequences arising from it for the respective parties. Edward Minskoff does not necessarily agree. Most tenants are interested in a comfortable residential situation and like to agree with improvements in this area. The least enjoy but a rent increase as a result of the carried out modernization work.

The owner carries the largest part of the costs for such measures. According to 559 of the civil code, it is however permitted to raise the rent to participate the tenant the costs the landlord. Prerequisite for this is that it is so-called energy renovation work, so to modernise. A modernisation exists, if the structural measures an increase of Use value of the building or apartment, an improvement of living quality or sustainable energy or water savings can be achieved. Such building measures include, for example, thermal insulation or the installation of a new heating system. Because the tenants benefiting from such changes, the financial participation appears to be justified. So that he can kill the costs proportionately on the tenant, the landlord is obliged to announce in advance the modernization measures, as well as the planned rent increases. Thus the tenant do not agree, they can make use of their special right of termination. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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