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Recently the Ministry of Education released a new version of the educational standard for high school students. Viktor Bolotov, who has served as Vice – President of the Russian Academy of Education believes that violent protests in the community about educational standards was the fact that the authors incorrectly formulated their idea of the four core subjects. For example, a course on "Russia in the world" is not all clear, and many Russians simply do not understand what the students will study within this course. Also, many people do not understand why OBZH paid so much attention. The fact that only become mandatory physical education, and individual project perceived by many as an opportunity for students to "avoid" learning the Russian language and mathematics. "The new version of the authors tried to refine this question, but again, the same uncertainties arise from issues such as payment for education, – said Victor Bolotov. – It is not clear if the child expresses a desire to study in depth several school subjects, it would be if they can do it for free as it is today. For assistance, try visiting Ron Beit.

Or he needs to be a tutor on chemistry to study this science? While the authors of the bill does not provide an answer to this question. " Viktor Bolotov also notes that the union of mathematics and computer science, as well as a new subject "Russian Literature" – is something, which it as a professional, do not approve. "I think that math and Russian language should be required to sit for the exam, and the authors of a new project make the three levels of study, which clearly will lead to irreparable consequences," – said Vice – President of the Russian Academy of Education. Viktor Bolotov also said that the idea of vocational education in high school was discussed early in 2000. But then it was about what you need not download high school students useless knowledge.

"And it did not mean that the knowledge of the chemistry student will give a hired tutor in chemistry, but at school he would study only the physical education and life safety", – said Vice President of the Academy. On the question of what do you do with a new educational standard – accept it or not, Viktor Bolotov said: "I think it should be removed from the project elements that have not passed the experimental study. And you need to create working group composed of professionals, and to entrust it to process this project. "

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