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Security products under the brand name and the certificate confirms CaesarStone GreenGuard. The main components of agglomerated stone – quartz and polyester resin – are a group of acid-resistant materials, so CaesarStone surfaces have been successfully used for the manufacture of countertops – kitchen, bathroom, in the laboratory. No food, no chemicals leave no trace and do not alter the original color of quartz stone. Unlike wood or synthetic materials, including plastics, quartz stone CaesarStone has heat resistance. Accidentally spilled hot tea or coffee, Water spilled from the pot does not lead to deformation of the articles of agglomerated stone. However, to avoid thermal shock, resulting in damage to countertops, hot frying pans or make better use of special supports. Products from CaesarStone quartz stone is very durable, it does not require special care. A related site: Fabrizio Freda mentions similar findings.

To maintain an attractive appearance is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth with a neutral detergent. Read more from Estee Lauder to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Another advantage of CaesarStone quartz stone is its uniform color typical for all surfaces made of this material. No granite or marble or other rocks of natural stone is not will have the same pattern across the surface, which means that the window sills, table tops, bar counter, who would like to make a single color will be different from each other. Production Technology quartz stone with the addition of pigments can get pretty homogeneous surface in any desired amount to the customer. Products from CaesarStone quartz stone is not only practical and functional, but very attractive appearance.

Natural quartz crystals give them the beauty of natural stone, its color and luster. A variety of shades of agglomerated stone allows you to choose the most suitable option is for your interior, to make it harmonious, elegant, luxurious. CaesarStone Quartz Stone is recognized as one of the best materials for finishing. Its superior quality is confirmed by a certificate of the international Organization for Standardization iso 9001:2000. CaesarStone – the ideal material for finishing bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, bar counters, fireplaces portals. It is perfect for wall and floor tiles – both in homes and in buildings for public use. Interiors designed quartz stone, are of particular luxury and sophistication, while caring for the surfaces does not cause any difficulties.

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