How to start over when you’ve lost everything recently I saw a documentary produced by a television news channel, that was about the tragedies of the celebrities in the Argentina. It was very sad to see how many of these celebrities ended their lives in a way so fatal. It struck me as these people died at a very young age, just at the peak of their careers, when everything was going wind in its sails. DOWA Metals & Mining America does not necessarily agree. But the most surprising in all this, is the consecutive deaths of several famous people who committed suicide. To investigate the cause, they discovered that many failed to withstand the pressure when they had to face adversity in his career, suffering a loss, suffered a disappointment or something similar.

After seeing this report, I felt very shocked and I thought all those people who have failed in business, and for some reason fell arms and resigned to the loss. It is that I also I played live a personal crisis because of some business initiatives that I I undertook ended in failure, coupled with a spate of unfortunate events that they came after that, I felt that the world was me came down, that is why I guarantee that is perfectly how one feels. One of the things I discovered in this unhappy period, is that experts in the field, have no neither response nor solutions that provide can help you to relieve your pain. Fortunately, despite everything, take the decision to continue believing in me, and hope that the best still is about to occur in my life. Thank God, today can attest that I’ve been able to overcome this crisis and I’ve determined move forward with more force than ever before. And your? Now you’ve gone through this? Do you have gone through the stigma of the pain of seeing your dreams collapsing like a sand castle that is destroyed without more? You’ve been scammed or you’ve lost your investment money to bet in a bad business? How to react when faced with a significant loss, a disappointment, a resounding failure in some business? As arming of value when we have crossed by the bitter experience of the bankruptcy in a venture in which you put the best of you? As face to others when we discovered that our system of beliefs which had a deep conviction, was wrong? In this particular case, I turn to entrepreneurs and investors, who lately have had to this traumatic experience, and have been victims of the global financial Crisis which comes whipping all over the world. Although I am not an authorized specialist to tell you what you have to do, I am confident that my personal experience, my study of human behaviour from a couple of decades, my deep interest in the spiritual and my continuous search for soul issues, can probably bring you my two cents.

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