The Metaphysics Of Man And Culture

The man turns to the truth only when he’s short of lies. French Proverb Many people ask, are you really interested in the metaphysics of man and culture?. We definitely can not deny that we are interested, and to analyze their importance should remember the thoughts that bequeathed us the pathetic Fichte, when he said: Before you cover my face with my hands, and put your finger on my lips I can not understand how you or how you appear, since it would need to be yourself. Although he lived a thousand times a thousand spiritual lives, understand as little as you understand you now in this corner of my land. My nature can only imagine what is contained in this finite world. And there is no means of raising to infinity which in itself is finite, then infinity is no different in degree but in essence finite.

Do not forget that, as Wikipedia reminds us, metaphysics, as its name implies, is defined as something that is beyond the physical, devoting its study to the abstract of Being and God. It is a part fundamental philosophy that deals with the study of Being as such and its properties, principles, causes and reasons of existence first. Experiences a force linked to theology and often treat the same topics. Metaphysics deals with the central and most profound problems of philosophy, such as the basics (budgeting, causes and first principles), more general structures (laws and principles), the meaning and purpose of all reality and all being. The basic principle of metaphysics is based on non-contradiction, reasoning that establishes the impossibility of anything being and not simultaneously know that the union of spirit with life comes the man, but obviously does this other thing that is culture, ie a kind of double creation. Learn more on the subject from Jorge Perez. Culture and man are the product of that union. But culture does not arise after the man. As your product.

That is, when one starts working with living spirit form, What is happening? Continue moving into the cosmos, but this movement and is not intended to only the conservation of life. For more specific information, check out Shimmie Horn. All their acts are spiritual, leading to the realization of the spirit, guided by the valuable essence and ideals. Of course, the spiritual acts, do not stay there, mere actions, carried out immediately after they crystallize, are objectified, thus constituting the objective spirit or culture. Just as we were taught in Introduction to Law, the living being performs legal acts, technical, moral, theoretical, and so on. Even when it is in the form of prehistoric man elementalisima,’re starting to man, then, then these acts do not exhaust his being to be pure acts, but immediately discernible, giving reason to the cultural forms of law, morality , science, etc. Then it can be stated that man and culture emerge in the same act. Therefore, man is only when a living man with a spiritual center. This center is therefore a center of spiritual acts, acts which end necessarily in the culture, as well as highlights Cruz. fzuBcQ&oe=624D0B80’>Zach Dell is actively involved in the matter. Therefore, man and culture, comes at a time when a being begins to act in the realm of spirit. Hence, the rise of man, the spiritual acts and verify culture are displayed simultaneously.

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