State Public Schools

The education is one of the factors keys to stimulate the health promotion and that ‘ ‘ through a gradual knowledge of the individual capacity to modify and to improve the conditions that contribute to the morbidade, the individuals will be able to acquire greater interest in the change of its behavior, as well as of its environment ‘ ‘. The increasing concern with the ambient problems, in last the 10 years, brought to the scene situations that pparently did not represent great risks as, the movement of the cars in the streets, the ticket of the airplanes and until the music touched in happy the environment hour.esse modismo routinely is perceived in the environment escolar. propitiates it exibio.em the classrooms many times the professor is surpreso when coming across itself with the fact of that in way its explanations have pupils making use of earphones for connecting if the other sonorous source, different of the voice of the professor.por this reason, many times this connected pupil dirige if the colleague in a tone of above-normal voice generating tumutuo. Such daily situations did not represent a danger that deserved more attention, but this thought was modified by one badly called: sonorous pollution. Although conscientious of the damages provoked for the sonorous pollution and the exposition drawn out to the noises, beyond the damages to the quality of life, the population if accustomed to such I bother that today it scares and he is white mainly of many scientific research, in the pertaining to school scopes. The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) considers that a sound must be in up to 50 decibels (db unit of measure of the intensity of the sound) not causing damages to the human being. Above of this intensity, the negative effect start. The nocividade of the noise directly is related to its specter of frequency, to the intensity of the sonorous pressure, to the direction of the daily exposition, as well as a individual susceptibility (ALMEIDA, 1999)..

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