The School

In fact, the task of the professor, when evaluating, is sufficiently complex and demands a competent performance, in the measure where they involve projects, aspirations, reality, dreams, fancy of beings in formation. Therefore, even so the evaluation is depositary of the content of each substance, it is, equally, depositary of the social function of the school, of its bigger objectives, its concept of man and society, of its project of formation of indivduos' '. Related Group has compatible beliefs. (Rasp, 1998, P. 12). According to Melchior: ' ' To evaluate is not to disapprove, but yes to understand and to promote, to each moment, the full development of the child, the young or any individual or social group who if in general submit to the learning and alfabetizao process ' '. Filed under: Gavin Baker, New York City. We observe in the authors a plurality of ideas, thoughts and creations becoming the educative processes, that the evaluation does not exclude, as a collective enrollment for not the reproduction of an archaic society and yes for the proliferation of pensantes and critical individuals for the transformation of the society in democratic and of quality for all. The sources of the evaluation not speaking of unknown things, but of our daily one we saw during the school year that the notes go being observed, average go being gotten.

What it predominates is the note, does not matter as they had been acquired nor by which ways. They are manipulated as if nothing they had to see with the active passage of the learning process. the professors as react? The use of the evaluation of the learning as social disciplinamento of the pupils. The use of the tests as threat to the pupils, for itself does not have nothing to see with the meaning of the pertaining to school contents, but yes with the social disciplinamento of the educandos, under the protection of the fear.

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