Things To Do In Istanbul

Istanbul – is the soul of the state. For even more opinions, read materials from Related Group. Once he was the center of the Byzantine Empire and retained the beauty of ancient architecture. The only city that is located on two continents – Europe and Asia, separated by a strait Bosphorus, which connects the Black Sea of Marmara. Learn more about this with Estee Lauder. The main part of the city is in Europe, a minority – in Asia. Golden Horn divides the European part of the city into two halves – Beyoglu Eminonu and. In Eminonu Sultanahmet is located – historic center of Istanbul, where all the major sights of Istanbul.

Istanbul – a city of mosques and roses, the city of stone bridges and bustling bazaars … The number of mosques are simply incalculable, and it impression is further strengthened because they all look alike as two peas. Lavishly planted rose bushes feast for the eyes red, yellow and pink flowers … Walking along the stone streets and sidewalks will be you a good workout. It is easy to get lost in the cobwebs of the old city streets of curves, when walking on them like a maze, he suddenly stopped in front of an amazing landscape – between the houses appears on the background of a ship azure sea. Things to Do in Istanbul Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia) – the main attraction of Istanbul, which was the most significant shrine for thousands of years. This grand temple was built in GG 532-537 In 1453 Saint Sophia by a simple extension to the mosque minarets, turned almost all the magnificent mosaics of the cathedral were smeared as Islam forbids to depict people and zhivotnyh.Steny church Hagia Sophia are decorated with expensive marble panels: green marble, red porphyry Egyptian, Numidian yellow marble, eastern white marble with a yellowish tinge, the famous white and purple stone brought from Frigini and marble, mined in a small Greek town Karitos.

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