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When Obama won the Democratic nomination, nothing seemed that couldn’t stop him to win the presidential elections. In the United States usually loses the candidate of a Government that has brought the country to an economic crisis or a military stalemate. However, surprisingly McCain already has come to achieve and even exceed in some polls who were believed fixed. Obama retreat is due to the onset of outbreaks of cold war with Russia (which favors the Falcons) but also to errors of the candidate whose slogan is change. Teslar may find this interesting as well. Proclamations obamistas in pro of renewal or of hope not always calan in working-class sectors than what they want are concrete solutions front the effects of the recession before their jobs, income and houses. Republicans have mobilized their known artillery of demolition depicting Obama as a good speaker but no experience in security or economy. If the elections are still turning as if they were a referendum for or against Obama, McCain could win them. Author original and source of the article..

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