Universal Education

The work of holistic education is that, educate children who adopt the attitude, I I hope until the last jump to skip I not because we can not jump but because we are committed to stay. It is important then to distinguish what we learn from others in terms of concepts and what we learn beyond concepts to develop ourselves as human beings, I am not against rational or technical knowledge, but if you think that you need to make a balance, with a wider and higher consciousness, as is the holistic education. Observer people have always argued that the only way to build a new society, is changing education from younger generations, this new company will has be the necessary force capable of introducing such educational change. They say the old dilemmas: can not find work if you don’t have experience, but you cannot have experience if you don’t have at least a job. The function of the schools are apoltronadas bureaucracies, in which there is no need to compete commercially, nor of being re-elected, nor attract patients or clients. Educators who would like to introduce some innovations, have little authority in the matter, relatively speaking.

Ordinary to half level, can not without more boycott these institutions. Private schools are beyond the means of most families and it is not safe to offer greater advantages than the public study centres. Belief, awareness, intention. It is not easy to understand why gradual reforms are ineffective, to be problems sunk in the same mud of the old notion of human nature, that are inexplicably linked. That approach and management and wrong problems, makes that conventional education has failed when it comes to teach some basic skills and promote own estimation. Whereas maybe that it could be channelled towards a deeper level and a Education Universal, then we could feel solidly entrenched.

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