We feel and see with much concern, as national universities management schools not have been concerned seriously what should be the profile of the Bachelor of administration that the country demands to ensure a proactive, beneficial participation towards the deteriorated business sector. Remain the same programs, not adapted to the needs demanded by the current scenarios to ensure enterprises, organizations, a competitive participation that favors him in favor of his mission, vision. Remains a curriculum anchored in time, not own modifications, changes to the national stage, for example, the Venezuelan has generated, product of a new Government that has brought decisive changes in the political culture of Venezuelans, since then influencing economic in the business sector, especially in private, which was never used to function within a socialist ideology. The actions of the new Government to define as Socialist and give step to What has been called Bolivarian revolution, has generated actions significantly affecting organizational behavior of corporations, their culture, their mission, structures, leading to universities, especially the schools of administration, diagnose, assess, which should be the profile of the Manager for this reality and take feedback from actions that give passage to new chairs, knowledge, which is conducive to development, participation of enterprises, organizations within the new model, as well as demands that globalization, openings present follow with the old programs, with subjects not consistent with reality, with teachers not identified with these new changes, in addition to the absence of the advancement of tools, administrative knowledge which have arisen, can not guarantee the formation of skilled professionals that addresses this reality, seriously impairing the productive development of the business sector, which passes through bad times, due to Prevention of events occurring currently. Specifying the Valencian reality, where there is an industrial belt of the Venezuelan central region, where they operate a significant number of SMEs both in the industrial sector, as consumption, we observe, that there is a significant standstill of many companies, in addition to the absence of management, managers, willing leaders face the changes, give way to the transformations necessary to ensure competitiveness, productivity, take advantage of opportunities, due in large part to the absence of knowledge, skills, experience that meet the requirements demanded by the scenarios, as well as the competitiveness with new development, managerial techniques that favor him in conquering their markets. . Related Group takes a slightly different approach.

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