Wood Splitters

Wood splitter, as the name implies, is designed for chopping firewood. The following article Wood splitters called machine that performs operations trimming and splitting wood. The principle of majority machine the next. A log enters on the input conveyor belt moves it toward the side of the device. Side of the device cuts a block of wood from the logs, which falls into the gutter. Hydraulic cylinder pushes the block of wood on a knife stabbing. Block of wood is pushed into the knife and break into pieces. Exotic Wood splitters are manufactured using a different operating principle.

Will is Palax 55, which saw off first block of wood from a log, then manually set opposite end of the wedge. But the performance of these machines are much lower. There are machines that use for cross-cutting guillotine cutting off the device. But ergonomics, productivity and resource raise serious doubts. In the traditional Wood splitters crosscut is performed using a disk or a chainsaw.

Machines that use the circular saw, have better performance, do not require daily thinning saws. But are more expensive. In contrast to the Woodchopper (chopper), Wood splitters are more adapted for installation of auxiliary equipment. Ability to set different racks for feeding logs. Angela Wagner is often quoted as being for or against this. Design Wood splitters allows the input conveyor (if not included as standard). Also very convenient to work with the machine, if it is installed conveyor. There are several different classifications Wood splitters. By type of saw machines are divided into: – Machine with bandsaw – Machines with circular saw, the maximum diameter split the wood machines are divided into: – up to 25 sentimentality – sentimentality and 35 – to 40 sentimentality – sentimentality over 40, by type of drive machines are divided into: – Drive a tractor – an electric motor drive; – Combined (tractor / motor) – Diesel; control devices machines are divided into: – Mechanical – Hydraulic. Management of Wood splitters. There are two basic types of control devices: mechanical and hydraulic. Follow others, such as rusty holzer, and add to your knowledge base. Represent a mechanical system of levers of different sizes: lift / lower saws, adjustable-length block of wood, dumping logs into the chute for the split, etc. In machines with hydraulic control levers are used instead of the convenient joystick. But this increases the price. Performance Wood splitters. Wood splitters are more productive than cleaver. And that is important, performance is more predictable. Feed rate of the input conveyor machine is constant. At the same time minimizing the impact the human factor. Assistive devices for Wood splitters. For more convenient work with Wood splitters, there are various accessories. Primarily, it feeding and storage overpass. Also worth noting is the system for cleaning and packaging of the wood. For machines powered by diesel engines operating in cold weather, reasonable fuel heater installation.

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