Friendship In The Drink Wheel?

Friendship if conquest in the daily drudgery, and not in the one negligence boteco any; where men and women release themselves as if they were not nobody there. Friendship in the drink wheel? But, when I to speak with you, will give that he says your mouth, and you will say to it: Thus Mr. Deus says: Who to hear hears, and who to leave to hear leaves, because they are rebellious house. Book of Ezequiel prophet, CAP. 3:27. You want to make Friendship In way to the ostentation Of a drink round? You are it are of orbit, Therefore you floodgates As one any That lost the Faith, In the tavern tables. You are not rebellious To the voice that it inspires to you it takes off and you of the aiming Of the pinguos. Will be that one better place, pods not to find, Of what a small table of boteco, Where as a doll, you leave yourself to be, Without the least to fight, to free to obtain you, Of the vice?.

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