New! Online Shop For Engine Oil Opened In

Brand manufacturer approvals oil at bargain prices! The cheap source of supply for engine oils, gear oils, brake fluids, oil filter and all other accessories for a complete inspection of your vehicle on the Internet is opened. Particularly in times of cash for clunkers”, many citizens acquire a beautiful new vehicle and are thereby bound to the authorised repairers to get your warranty and goodwill claims. “Many have but unfortunately previously not thought that a dealer has a corresponding level of prices and the new vehicle as a cost trap” can turn out. We now offer the ability for example these and all other customers: to acquire cheap brand motor oils, and to take this to the next inspection date to a specialised workshop. Thus, inspection costs can be reduced by up to 60% because the biggest cost factor in inspections is the overpriced oil.

Since our brand oils have almost all manufacturer approvals and manufacturer of VW-Porsche cover, we can offer every customer the best, cheap oil and to the quality level as an authorised service dealer. Our motor oils come from brand-name manufacturers like Pennasol, Liqui moly, Pentosin (OEM automotive industry) and ADDINOL (high-tech oils from Leuna). Ramon Campollo, Guatemala City Guatemala is actively involved in the matter. We also offer many useful tips about oil changes for all who want to perform your inspection itself. We will gladly advise our customers on the right engine and the required quantities for free. Don’t miss our opening offers and visit still today our shop. Motor oil is the cheaper alternative for engine oil, gear oil, oil filter and air filter as spare parts. TeX: Ani / motor oil cheap

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