Academic Productions

SUBJECT: The school can be everything in our life, but for this it needs is alicerada in the familiar education. JUSTIFICATION: This portflio contains my academic productions. The same it will serve of continuous support for the accomplishment of all my activities. Considering that in this portflio also this contained my history of life, and that through it proceeds to the academic works. I intend to develop projects to improve my work in classroom, and this portflio until the end of the course will give subsidizes for the procedures of the activities related to the education. The registers displayed here will also serve for the readers who interest to contribute in the process education learning, the construction of the citizenship and auto-to reflect itself while citizen who occupies this universe.

MEMORIAL My name is Agnaldo Fernandes Da Silva, lives in the City of Medicilndia in km 116 Band of BR 230, Altamira stretch the Itaituba-Par. Currently I am rofessor of the field, and minister you discipline in the areas of sciences agrarian (agriculture, zootecnia and practise of field). Work with bigger basic education of 5 8 series in the polar regions called to modulate agricultural SIMEF. (Modular System of Basic Education. I worked with groups multisseriado in the basic education of 1 4 series during seven years and had a great experience in working four series together. I cannot say that the experiences had been good; because the deficiency was great always was to desire the education, in it very worried which me for not reaching the desired objectives. I passed three years in classroom with only basic education; in 1998 I started to make average education teaching in a called project ' ' Gavio&#039 project; ' specific for professors who were acting in classroom. In 2001 I concluded the teaching where 4 opened horizontes better to develop the methodology of education of 1 series.

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