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Online tool of COC AG analyzed, how very digital technologies represent an essential core of the worker process categorization in IWS, dynamic worker and classic worker depending Burghausen, the COC AG offers an online tool for analyzing 6 February 2012 -, the IT workplace for the job must be as modern. The results to categorize the participants in information worker, dynamic worker and classic worker. While information workers typically require an IT workplace 2.0 with flexible and mobile use options, the classic worker with the conventional PC workstation can be satisfied. In between lies the Group of the dynamic worker. Undoubtedly the need for technical support has changed markedly since quite some time, but not reflected in the reality of the companies still”, COC Board Member judge Andreas Bany. There still classic conditions would prevail with only stationary usable devices, although new technologies such as desktop virtualization useful answers on offer the changed requirements of the work process. The use of laptops alone is”still there is no way in the future, it problematized.

The online tool developed by the thought factory group for the COC AG examines the typical requirements in everyday job of the participant on a total of 12 issues and thereby determine the technical requirements for a high quality of work. This is a mapping of the requirements for three different types of employees: information worker. The demands on the IT support fit very precisely to the profile of the workplace 2.0, because flexibility and mobility to decide quite significantly, how efficiently and with what quality this job can be done. IWS very specifically take advantage of digital technologies and turn them into a substantial core of their work processes. Dynamic worker. The classic PC workstation already no longer completely suits your requirements in the job, because you have already significantly higher demands.

So you are on the threshold of the information worker and category are probably very soon advance into this. Classic worker. Still, the workplace 2.0 comes too soon, because its flexibility and mobility benefits offer currently not sufficiently high added value. An investment in the new technical possibilities is only worth if perspective the requirements at the workplace will increase. Participation in the test need you the workplace 2.0 “is free of charge at. It takes about five minutes, evaluation is then immediately sent to the participants. About the COC AG: The COC AG is an experienced solution provider with a comprehensive range of services in the field of information technology. The company is specialized in the optimization of it. By improving existing technologies, processes and procedures, the COC AG customers paves the way for cost savings and competitive advantages. IT infrastructure management, IT service management and the development of applications and solutions belong to the professional core competencies of COC AG. Flexibility, Reliability and trust are the basis of cooperation for all customer projects. The COC AG as a strong and reliable partner for the entire IT lifecycle is positioned with references from a variety of national and international projects, continuous staff training and certifications from renowned manufacturers. The COC AG employs approximately 170 people at 5 locations in Germany and Austria.

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