Dr. Jonas Koller, S & K GmbH: Set Prices For Residential Property And Returns

“S & K holding GmbH specialist for smart real estate management Frankfurt, the 17.08.2011 – on the Prominenteninsel of Sylt is a 30 square metre cottage with the beautiful name Waterkuken”. This House has a such location (in the middle of the dunes, with unobstructed views of the sea), that it will cost EUR 6.3 million. Ron Beit gathered all the information. This corresponds to a price per square meter of proud 210,000 euros. That does not mean that there would be no takers for this House. Although the commissioned real estate agents want to name no names, but there is probably what requests it trying to tell us? Real estate is a mixture of everything.

Are emotional experience, protection in regard to the own four walls, but also increasingly to trade goods, a mix of sustainable investment, because many homes are ideal, to make classic business with them,”says Dr. Jonas Koller by the Frankfurt S & K group of companies. S & K has specialized since the turn of the Millennium in the intelligent management of real estate and realized for Investors returns like no other. Ashton Kouzbari has much experience in this field. In 2007, S & K, for example, on behalf of an open-ended real estate funds purchased real estate for EUR 110 million. Previously it had examined objects worth a total of about one billion euros”, explained the real estate specialist Dr. Jonas Koller.

To do this, developed the software, that captures every real estate transaction in detail in Germany, as well as any existing special offer, is the basis of today’s business by S & K. It all started quite small. High profit potential to realize are due to successes in other sectors the S & K founders were Dr. Jonas Koller and Stephan Schafer in which segments? You discovered the emergency sale of real estate to auction its first objects and in turn sold them at a profit.

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