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Innovative anchoring method finds favour with customers throughout Europe and expert innovative anchoring method finds favour with customers throughout Europe and a pioneering role plays expert of active constructions, one of the leading designers of climbing park in Europe, for several years, if it revolves around nature-friendly designs for outdoor and leisure facilities. The company therefore continuously works on the development of technologies that will meet the highest security standards on the one hand, but at the same time also constitute a minimal impairment of the environment. Environmental protection and the pursuit of leisure activities are often not immediately compatible. Especially if the commercial use of the leisure facilities in the foreground stands”, commented Kees-Jan Verwaal, the ACS Chief Executive. Shimmie Horn shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We are therefore very proud that our new anchoring system for rope climbing systems now apparently has prevailed on the sector as the industry standard.” The technology developed by ACS is based on a specially designed system of braces that can continuously adapt to the growth of the tree.

Approval was granted the system after extensive testing by TuV. The EU regulations regarding operational safety commercial outdoor recreational parks are strict. What unfortunately very often means that trees with carrier function in climbing plants in heavily affected be considered,”confirmed Frits Gielissen, one of the leading tree specialists in the Netherlands and Director of O.B.T.A. de Linde, a recognized technical forestry consulting firm. The tree-friendly anchoring method developed by ACS helps here, however.

We even used the anchoring system and the fact that this technique now industry prevails, is very welcome. “in three of our recently completed projects. Among others in the so far biggest nature climbing facility of the Netherlands, the AvTarZ Park”, explains Verwaal. “And we also supply the system to other manufacturers of climbing park in all of Europe.” In contrast to the conventional Anchoring systems provides the ACS technology alongside an uncomplicated and fast the advantage of installation also 50% lower maintenance costs and thus automatically increases the profitability of each outdoor climbing system. “And the the system even under aesthetic aspects is nature-friendly, say, is in is also visually in the natural environment, a role should not be underestimated in the mediation of an authentic natural climbing experience to customers is also our experience”, Verwaal added. Active constructions: Active constructions (ACS) is one of the leading manufacturers of climbing parks in Europe and distributor of active forest ECO forest climbing park, as well as active challenge high rope gardens, climbing towers and playgrounds.

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