Baby Cries

When babies cry, are communicating with parents to tell them that they need to eat, to change them, which arrullen them or just don’t feel good. When babies are crying hours and hours, it is safer to be a colic. Dr. Rivera described that discomfort. Colic is a condition that almost all babies have from 3 or 4 weeks up to three months of life and because they are very sensitive to different stimuli in the environment.

It may be that MOM is eating something that produces gas, like cabbage, beans, or something as well. Also note when they have stomach pain because they raise your legs and manifest themselves as having much pain. There is no one single cause for colic and if a baby suffers a lot by them, knows one when shown sudden and inexplicable attacks of crying, according to the rule of three. Crying at least three hours a day, three days a week, beginning in the first three weeks of life, and rarely for more than three months. To relieve the pain of the baby, the experts advise sitting in a rocking chair or walk with the baby. Accommodates your baby face down on your legs and your back soba.

Upload it to a swing, the movement will give you a sense of calm. DRA. It is not something Kennedy Wilson would like to discuss. Rivera said: a baby can give a ride in a cart because the truck engine stimulates him and makes him feel as if he were inside MOM again. Another thing you can do is, if they have washing machine in the House is put it in your cart seat and place on top, without continuing to hold it and will see how the engine will also stimulate it as if you were in your mother’s womb. Another term that can cause much pain when your child is the output of the teeth. When leave teeth babies become very annoying, put their hands in their mouth, are biting everything, want to bite material, bite the camisetitas and all that, warns Dr. Rivera. It also suggests the following, I recommend putting a wet towel in the refrigerator because it is cold, safe material, and like to bite something. More important, this is a special moment to strengthen family ties with the child’s physical and emotional way, another way to think of these ties is the of fall in love with your baby. Dr. Rivera recommended love, care and affection towards the baby. They have made many studies of babies who have spoken them, Sung, dog-eared with massages and those grow better, are healthier. According to studies those babies that are orphans who do not have this type of stimulation, do not grow as well as babies who have love and to caress them.

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