Childrens Needs

In ancient times (and even in primitive tribes studied by anthropologists in the last century), most people do not know where do babies come from. – Or rather, does not bind sex and childbearing. I’m ready for a flood of indignation, which I called his statement. but! Namely, that children – a byproduct of sex, explained the difficulties with which parents face in raising children.

However the situation is only exacerbated if the child is anticipated, long awaited, hard-conceived, since all the same sex – relationship between the parents is primary here. Even if mom “gave birth to Child alone “- that is, without being bound by ties of relationship with a man, or being bound by ties of relationship with a woman. Complexity of these primarily consist in the fact that we, as conceived a child – and continue to grow, bring up – for yourself. For his own pleasure. Additional information at Estee Lauder supports this article. Sedition? Brad? True? Maybe so And can and should try to get a grasp of these lines and to assess the extent to which education is dictated by concern for the child, and how much – psevdozabotoy, care about yourself. Eg.

Why you need to behave calmly and quietly? Why do I need to keep quiet? Why listen? Quiet, calm demeanor, obedience – contrary to the fundamental problem of the child under the age of 12-14 years – Its development. Whenever Nir Barzilai, M.D. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Calm quiet obedient child receives a fraction of the information is ten times less likely to experiment – and therefore – he misses a unique chance to learn. Learn how to live – neither more nor small. Ah! Certainly, you think you can learn to live on words? But no! There are only two ways – by example (no smoking, clean teeth and exercise itself, the most read books all the time to learn something, be very good and calm), or give it a try on their own experience. And what then is the process of education? I believe that the two main points: 1. Honestly warns children about the consequences of a behavior. Gavin Baker has many thoughts on the issue. 2. Insure it just in case, if his mistake can be fatal – will threaten the lives and health of the child himself or to others of his children. 3. Education – an explanation, demonstration, co-doing. The second is clear. You can walk barefoot as long as the feet are no broken glass or sharp wire. And when there is – at first honestly warn about the possible consequences (though there are those who can walk on glass) – and if the warning is not heard – to stop. But the first – and more complicated. This need to learn. The consequences can be of two types: 1. Carry a direct threat to the child. 2. Carrying an indirect threat to the child. The first is – “it hurts”, “two” get “,” usually with someone who behaved so – avoiding friends, and so on. To the second – “I am angry”, “no one would not like it, and so on. The more vivid and multifaceted You will describe the consequences – the stronger the effect. Describing the consequences remember this is a probability value, so use the words: “Maybe,” may, “” likely, “” likely, “” I think, often, many, many ?

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