Environment and Biodiversity

Having the clarity that the nature is not source inexhaustible of resources, its reserves are finite and must be used in rational way, preventing wastefulness and considering the recycling as vital process. That the too much species that exists in the planet deserve our respect. Moreover, the maintenance of biodiversity is basic for our survival. E, mainly, that it is necessary to plan the use and occupation of the ground in the urban and agricultural areas, considering that it is necessary to have worthy conditions of housing, work, transport and leisure, areas destined to the food production and protection of the natural resources. This process of sensitization of the pertaining to school community can foment initiatives that exceed the pertaining to school environment, reaching in such a way the quarter in which the school is inserted as moved away communities more in which pupils, professors and employees inhabit. SOUZA (2000) affirms, also, that the nip of the relations intra and extra-pertaining to school is sufficiently useful in the conservation of the environment, mainly environment of the school. They are suggested, among others proposals, that the works related to the EducaoAmbiental in the school must have, as objective, the sensitization and the awareness; to search a change mannering; to form a more operating citizen; (…) to sensetize the professor, main promotional agent of the Ambient Education; (…) to create conditions so that, in formal education, the Ambient Education is a continuous and permanent process, through globalizantes actions interdisciplinares and of the instrumentation of the professors; to look to the integration between school and community, objectivando the ambient proteco in harmony with the supported development. (DAYS, 1992). With the ambient contents permeando you discipline them to all of the resume and contextualizados with the reality of the community, the school will help the pupil to perceive the correlation of the facts and to have an integral vision of the world where it lives.

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