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Also it is during this period that the children reveal abilities and necessities special and need aid so that they can well be directed preventing itself with this manifestations undesirable for its good formation. the school in this direction has an important paper, a time that the child will pass good part of its day in classroom. The adolescence (11-20 years) if it characterizes for the strong bows of friendship with the group and the power to influence inside and to be influenced of the same group. Its capacity to think becomes more abstract. Academically its efforts are come back to the preparation of the choice of the professional life and the ingression in the university.

The height, as for the professional choice, happens at the beginning of the adult phase (some a little before), from the 20 years of age. Its personality is practically steady, however it will be able to still pass for changes in accordance with the lived experiences. It is at this moment that the stimulatons offered in the previous stages offered by the family and educators will be disclosed in passive way or not, ahead of the decisions whom they will go to follow this young for all the life, being able to be or not a source of pleasure and accomplishment. To know as if processes the cognitivo development in the human being offers parameters to us better to work and to stimulate the criatividades in the educational area, and the activities offered in classroom must provide conditions for such learning. In the field of the creativity it affirms Predebon (1998, p.115) ' ' it imports little as we are born of what as in educamos' '. This affirmation takes in them to think about the basic paper of the education in the development of the creativity. Practical Pedagogical and Creativity To say on the best which practical the pedagogical one to be adopted is task that requires much reflection.

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