Francis Bacon

What is already common practice in countries such as France or Sweden, will have to establish first itself in Germany. The initial training schools, vocational training and universities is no longer enough to exist in the profession in the long term. Lifelong learning\”, is the slogan, but it is taken too seriously? Knowledge is power\”, the English statesman Francis Bacon knew. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. \”In times of globalisation and the all dominant presence of sophisticated information and communication technologies means it now may is power\”. Through the Internet, knowledge has seemingly every accessible, source to an open, and has thus lost its importance as a competition factor long. Know today no guarantee of success is more.

Who can not use his knowledge and does not recognize his chances, not progress. The research is constantly expanding the existing knowledge and in some areas, new findings replace even old principles. Without education there difficult, is to connect hold. In addition, that individual professions themselves have changed dramatically and continue to, through new technologies and processes are in a constant process of change. The diploma in computer science, for example, is only a partial qualification for most workers in the IT sector, as more and more companies require detailed knowledge of the industry – and soft-skills as well as leadership skills.

Training of companies today aims to promote the single in its capabilities, focused to discover talents and to promote and to expand personal and social competencies in terms of the requirements of the companies. It is to learn new, compacted known and to develop individual learning strategies. And of course qualifications alone also not desired lead to success, but only in conjunction with skill and competence, this requires in particular experience in addition to training. Only every third worker attended training in numbers in the past year in Germany operational Training part and the trend indicating that older workers are clearly under-represented.

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