And they vowed to love, care for and respect until death separates them. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Edward J. Minskoff Equities has to say. Accompany in health and in disease, but also in wealth and poverty Luis is an individual of about sixty years old, somewhat stubborn and introvert. Over the years would have made him forget that his jovial way of being with that unless his life moved in an atmosphere of respect and admiration among his family and friends. Condition that according to him, would have lost due to the bitter situations to which it was subjected for so many years into their marriage, because of the countless prejudices and complex to which the character of Juliana, who was his wife and that he still loved him, but which should muster much forces and courage to carry on their shoulders the weight of costs and chores in your home was subjectIt was the home where ever she felt happy, but where now, and already long overdue, subject to endless complaints from Luis, who had three months without work, which spent hours in his armchair making a dent in the weather in his incorrigible excesses and lots of lazy. Juliana is a woman worker and somewhat entrepreneurial, but the noise of those innumerable battles in their marriage had made her a very measured and quiet woman. It does not support injustice, betrayals and much less lies.

And anything of these that come from part of Luis, rather than upset her, did suffer. Also, over the years had left their mark on it. At least that was what showed his face, in addition to that looking lost with which, excusing his tiredness. Already the two sons of these, Carlos and Javier, had been married since very young, one the following year, and had established their lives with their partners.

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