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The end of compulsory of insurance calls for some changes. Time limits must be observed. In the first weeks of the new year, many workers receive already post by the statutory health insurance (GKV). This time it is not to increase or bad news. He is a good news. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Estee Lauder.

Usually it says: “your employer has reported to us, the you in 2011 border compulsory insurance (49,500 EUR gross p.a.) have exceeded.” Therefore you are voluntary member of our health insurance from January 1.” Who exactly is this communication? Workers who have crossed the border of compulsory insurance 2011 49,500 EUR and presumably the new frontier 2012, which has risen to 50.850 EUR p.a., exceed. These workers now have a choice and can choose between private or statutory health insurance. What has changed yet? So far, the contributions to the statutory health insurance, depending on the gross income, by the employer to the statutory health insurance were paid. A selector switch or Exit was not. In the future, the employer for the payment of contributions is responsible, if you want to stay in the statutory health insurance (GKV). But there is yet a special feature.

Contributions are levied only until the so-called contribution assessment ceiling. This limit has been raised to 01 01 2012 on an amount of 45.900 EUR per year. All income above this limit are no longer subject to contribution requirements in the statutory health insurance. Whether you now 50,000 EUR gross, or earn 100,000 euros per year, the post remains the same. This is exactly how high you best in my post must read I now in the private health insurance? No, of course not. Whether you want to remain in the statutory health insurance fund or give up just for the benefit of a private health insurance, is up to you. Even if some “windy consultant” to tell something else, you can change, but have nothing to.

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