Liberal Arts

What he made with that only monges and priests withheld the knowledge of the letters. The Church Catholic was one terrena representation of the proper Trindade, that is, what it more increased each time its monopoly on the culture (arts) and mentality of the time. It was a period marked for great overturn, but the main change was the sprouting of the Universities (sc. XIII)? Bologna, Paris, Salermo and Oxford and this, had the Cities to have if transformed into cultural centers. With the Universities, it started to have the education of the Right and the Liberal Arts? education of the Grammar, Physics, Logic, Metaphysics, Mathematics and Ethics, that is, you discipline them scientific-philosophical and the College of Theology? study of the Bible and the Christian doctrine. What it represented a significant reduction of the power of the Church in regards to the Education, valley to stand out that until then the Church withheld domain on literature, therefore forbade what &#039 was called; ' literature pag' '.

Thus, with the Universities, education, started to happen between priests and laypeople, that is, the people had started to be taught, even so professors continued being priests, and how much to the pupils, these, they could be of any social class. Therefore, the name of the Scholastic period to be called. In special century XIII it was marked by only characteristics, amongst them: with the end of the Roman Empire, it had the disappearance of the great cultural centers had the frequent barbarous invasions. The libraries were rare and possuam small quantities, that is, it did not have the knowledge of some workmanships of the Greek classics. The sprouting of new seitas, even so the monasteries continued being the cultural centers, what it made with that the philosophical concern was come back only toward the thematic Christian of the salvation. Exactly with all the power of the Church and with all the transformations, the fact is undeniable of that the Average Age was a period of significant advance for having been, mainly, great scene of important scientific blossoming with and significant changes of social character, religious politician and. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

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