Golden Section

Some brilliant ploskatik would realize that the builders have moved beyond the equator of the sphere. Us, "trehmertsam" would have to build a gigantic sphere around the Earth – one more than the other. Talk about "Ploskatikah" may seem like child's play. (As opposed to Edward J. Minskoff Equities). If you think so, then conduct the following experiment: You are likely now sitting at the table. Tilt your head over the table as low as possible, begin to look at the table, and mentally place themselves on its surface – in two dimensions. And now Imagine what could be the perception of the world this creature? After all, it would be based only on information that creature sees around him. It may seem that with all of us in another way … But let's see: Dogs see the world in two colors, and yet it does not mean that he really is.

Ant feels only 2 measurements (whether he has the intellect of man, he still could not understand that the Earth – round). Peace for the microbe – is entirely different. Imagine yourself for a moment, one of the inhabitants of the planet, and you will see why we can not understand the structure of the universe. Man – 'Crown of nature' – for some reason thinks that his perception of the world – the only right. He's trying to cram legislation Universe to the laws of physics, and these laws, to put it mildly, do not shine. Euclidean geometry – good on paper, but in three dimensions, alas, is lame. The Pythagorean theorem is not valid on the geoid – that is our planet. In conclusion, add: Albert Einstein – a genius, or just hanging out with durachek language, but the depth of his statement is really worthy of respect: 'Everything is relative – GENTLEMEN' If you are interested in reading about a one-sided infinite surface that can hold in your hand, about the mysterious "Golden Section", to laugh with jokes, insight into the global mind of philosophers (citation) – then go to the site: SOZERCAEM.COM.UA-with whom, and were provided with materials

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