I will also stay in silence and let pass at least 30 seconds to make in that silence you aponder and subsequently take this opportunity and tell them. Well, think about that, aponder on that, because the case I just tell them it has its peculiarities, it is a woman who has been traumada by a physician. But it has traumado only she, in other words, a single person. Now, a leader working without knowing the techniques and without having the required skills how can traumar? I think that more than one and with that I think is demonstrated that in today’s world, where prevailing turbulence by competition, complexity and uncertainty it is necessary that leaders learn techniques and develop the skills required for their use. It is necessary that they dominate the procedures to develop a good meeting, good communication, learn to negotiate, resolve conflict and many other techniques used more than they have to do with his performance as a leader. But, also, and not least important, have at the same time that they learn, develop their skills, his intelligence, his talent and effects by putting into practice the use of each of the techniques. Manage time, develop a good delegation of authority, seek the best alternatives to solve problems, have good meetings through the use of the best methods of teamwork, developing formulas for the continuous improvement of the quality, directing workers as people, study what they do best, establish objectives and strategies, as well as work on the main values that identify each company’s culturethey are universal aspects that require capabilities, intelligence and talent. As also required by having a good organizational system, good planning, an accounting record accurately the economic facts, use and analyze statistics, perform a broad market with a good mix of marketing research or good financial health.

I think these words are obvious and do not require comment, but that we draw our own conclusions. CONCLUSIONS: 1. by the end of the second war and the destruction of Europe state the management style that stood out was that of peaceful navigation. 2. The awareness part of Europe and Japan and the existence of the predominance of a Keynesian economic model encouraged the States to develop their national industry and this has increased competition and quiet navigation moved to turbulence, uncertainty and complexity. 3. A more competitive economy served as source for stimulating the development of different approaches to address and thus the increased use of management techniques, as well as the need for managers develop greater skills. 4 Similar to medical managers require good domino the use of techniques. A medical error can be traumar a person, the mistake of a Manager in the use of a technique can traumar to groups of workers. 5 Management from a technical standpoint organisational techniques are universal and require skills, intelligence and talent in their use.

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