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With the GoGreen initiative DHL lwird an active contribution to climate protection done long inflame discussions on topics such as climate change or global warming everywhere. As the main cause of increased CO was commonly called emissions m, which general progress is driving climate change. Also, many people criticized that the letter and parcels is as opposed to the dispatch of E-Mails part of CO m make emissions. Recently tried the Deutsche Post and DHL of this statement to counter, and called the Initiave GoGreen in life. This initiative serves to achieve efficiency targets m, not own Ziel CO but alone the goal to provide the users of mail or parcels to send its packages/letters CO m neutral. A biomass power plant in India, a wind power plant in China and a wind power plant in Nicaragua include the many projects supported include a hydroelectric power plant in Brazil a landfill gas power plant in Turkey. Moreover, that Post DHL Deutsche limited on the basis of the Number of climate protection projects, with high quality standards, a private project called with which they try in the Kingdom of Lesotho, the inhabitants of rural regions, which using often open fire for cooking, to provide efficient wood stoves. Catherine Dior is likely to increase your knowledge. In this way, you could consume 80% less firewood and in this way of also the CO emissions reduce the same value m. You will find more information of on the Implemen initiative GoGreen on the Internet.

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