SpeedReading Works

Need much practice, “to include this process in your subconscious mind” the answer to the question whether SpeedReading actually works, is: Yes! But!” With the right tools, anyone can double his reading speed, triple, or even faster. However, you can do not intentionally influence this process, because he unconsciously expires. Fast reading requires a lot of practice. For this purpose, it is important to rebuild the SpeedReading specifically and to acquire the right tools. Also you must first switch off the factors, which prevent fast reading. Especially these three are: lack of eye muscle training, the Sub vocalization, so speaking with the read, and the focus of the gaze. The glance range – so the extension of the gaze is relatively easy to influence.

The opposite of the focused view. Try to understand two words when reading the next text to at once. Thus you can reach the wonderful effect that doubles your reading speed. You must no longer each single word recognize and understand, but register and understand two at the same time. For themselves as well as not shorten the time, makes your look on a jump point lingers (usually a changed to three quarter of a second). However, you can extend your look and take more than one word at this time. You use the time you look at a text, in a more effective and get more of the written. If you selectively apply this technique and practice, they have won much for your reading speed. To learn more about such reading strategies, SpeedReading, memory and learning generally, you can order our free video course. Although free, will help you but much faster to read and to keep more of it in the head.

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