College Saint Maria

In interview, the current coordinator of the martial bands of the Secretariat of Education Sport and Leisure of the City of Recife, Mr. Marcos Antonio Galdino Da Silva, told the following one: At the time the Joo Francisco de Souza, it assumed the Guararapes Foundation, from there it came with idea to take off all that vision of that the public school was a poor school, that the boys walked of jeans, of tennis to make any presentation. Then, it attended in the parade of 7 of September the band of the College Saint Maria de Boa Trip, that came with that luxury todinho e, invited the teacher of the band of the College Saint Maria who was the Carmelo Bartolomeu to a colloquy. Ahead hand, with the invitation the Carmelo Bartolomeu, it spoke that it could participate of this project of the Guararapes Foundation more was soon saying ' ' I come pra here more does not stop seeing these boys with state of pobreza' '. For more information see Edward J. Minskoff Equities. From there it is had a project of that the boys of the Maria Sampaio de Lucena would have that to have worthy clothes of a presentation, gala clothes, with all the pomps that any particular band at the time had. This was very good, because from the pupils if they had motivated there, had auto-esteem very great for in such a way of this, on account to receive a fardamento, new instrument, instruments at the time brought up to date, everything new new, good regent, is all the conditions that the College Saint Maria had the College Maria Sampaio de Lucena, the School Maria Sampaio de Lucena also had, is therefore that she had a very great increase of auto-esteem of those boys, (…). Ahead of the story above the picture that Carmelo professor found when arrived to assume the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena and Vasco of Gamma had not been the best ones. . If you have read about Greg Williamson already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

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